Which Outlander to Buy: 2020 Outlander or Outlander Sport

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In this post today, we’re looking at what you get when you purchase a 2020 Outlander vs an Outlander Sport. The Outlander Sport being the more affordable option, what safety features are in the Outlander that you maybe missing in the Outlander Sport for roughly 2K price difference. I’m here to help you out. This article will not go into trim levels, but overall differences. Trim level details are available in the reference links at the end of this post.

Outlander & Outlander Sport Obvious Difference: Size

The most obvious difference between the 2020 Outlander and the 2020 Outlander Sport is size and sportiness. The Outlander Sport is the sporter of the Mitsubishi models, it’s smaller and a great addition to a family or outdoors man/woman. A great accessory for the Outlander Sport is a roof rack.

2020 Outlander Compared to Outlander Sport

If AWD/4WD SUV is a requirement, you’re in luck, both 2020 Outlander and Outlander Sport models come in AWD/4WD. However, Mitsubishi refers to this as All Wheel Control (AWC).

It’s All In the Features

Safety Features  2020 Outlander vs Outlander Sport

In today’s automotive industry, safety features are a moving target. Just when one make, model has the latest feature, another make model gets the same feature. In order to compare Safety Features between the 2020 Outlander and the Outlander Sport, I put together a comparison chart. Hooray!

The big difference in Safety Features for the 2020 Outlander is Electric Parking Brake with Auto Hold and Adaptive Cruise Control. The 2020 Outlander Sport is missing both of these safety features. I bet you’re asking yourself the same question I’m asking myself; what does that even mean! Good news, I have answers.

2020 Outlander Sport vs 2020 Outlander

Electric Parking Brake with Auto Hold

An Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) replaces the old handle parking brake or foot push peddle parking brake. It’s new technology at the touch of a button. It works similarly to the hand and push brake; it will stop your vehicle. Whenever you enable the EPB it will display on your dashboard. When driving your Mitsubishi at any speed and engaging the electronic parking brake, it will jolt the vehicle and stop the car. Gone are the days of locking up the wheels and sliding on a wet day. The EPB technology stops the car more easily than a manual hand or push brake.

Mitsubishi Electronic Parking Brake

EPB Auto Hold this feature can be a little strange for drivers. It’s something you get use to, and once you’re use to it, you won’t want another car without the feature. The auto hold will not work unless the driver’s seat belt is latched. Essentially, the EPB auto hold allows you to brake and take your foot off the break, then use the gas and do it all over again. For example, if you’re are stopped at a red light and you don’t want to keep your foot on the brake, you active the auto hold, take your foot your foot off the brake. When the light turns green, you step on the gas (keeping the auto hold enabled). Now every time you’re at a stop light you can take your foot off the brake and the auto hold will keep your Mitsubishi stopped.

Let’s talk about parking on hills.The auto hold will prevent your Mitsubishi from rolling back when stopped on a hill. Think of San Francisco and how the auto hold would become your favorite feature.

Auto Hold Steep Street

Other useful uses of Auto Hold:

  • Road Construction where you are stopping and going routinely.
  • When at an ATM getting cash, you don’t want to put the car in park, you’d just use the Auto Hold and take your foot off the brake.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

One of the best features the 2020 Outlander has and the 2020 Outlander Sport does not offer is ACC. If you’ve never used this feature, you don’t know what you are missing and I’m here to help you. Adaptive cruise control makes a road trip a dream. In my opinion, it’s the closest thing to a self driving car today.  Adaptive cruise control uses sensors to adjust your cars speed based on the vehicle ahead of you. You Outlander will speed up and slow down automatically and without any assistance using the gas peddle or brake.

To use ACC, you enable the ACC using the on/off button located on the right side of your steering wheel. Once enabled you will see a green indicator light on your dashboard. At this time ACC is in stand buy mode. You need to set your speed like you would using traditional cruise control. Now your Mitsubishi will speed up or slow down automatically or you can manually override ACC by using the “+” or “-” located on the right of your steering wheel.

Mitsubishi Adaptive Cruise Control

Once you set the speed you can adjust the distance between the car in front of you. There are 3 different distance settings. Below is what the dashboard lights look like in your Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Control ACC

Think about this like the length of a car. When I was in driving school, I was taught about the 3 car length rule.  The rule states to have at least 3 car lengths between you and the car in front of you.  And this is just a general rule, if you add speed into this equation the safe distance can be up to 18 car lengths.

This is the fun part, if you’ve ever been cut off, you will start taking more notice when using ACC. It’s so obvious when driving in ACC mode when someone unsafely gets into your lane and in front of you. The ACC automatically slows the car down to keep the safe distance you set when enabling the ACC.

An important note about ACC and your Mitsubishi. If a car in front of you stops, your Mitsubishi will stop, but only for 2 seconds. The brake is released after 2 seconds and an alert will sound letting you know you need to apply the brake.

In my humble opinion, I would pay 2K more for an Outlander just for these safety features, but a really like the size of the Outlander Sport.

Looking for more information on the Outlander and Outlander Sport here are a few places to start:

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You can also visit the Mitsubishi website by going to Outlander or Outlander Sport

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