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There are few things that can ruin a perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon drive than a warning light unexpectedly lighting up.  They can mean anything from “Oh, hey, thought you should know your headlights are on bright,” to “Danger!  Danger!”, but if you have a Mitsubishi Mirage or Mirage G4, you no longer need to worry.  This blog will go over the warnings you need to watch for, plus those you can wait to take care of on Monday.

Green, Yellow, and Red

The Mirage and Mirage G4 have a pretty handy warning light system that makes it easy to know just how serious the warning is that your car is trying giving you.  The color of the light corresponds to the level of danger you’re experiencing.

For example, a green light is full speed ahead.  It’s usually indicating something has been turned on, like your brights, or things are a-ok, like your coolant temperature.

A yellow light warrants your attention, but you don’t need to pull right over to resolve it.  Just drive where you would normally drive and do so cautiously, but have it seen as soon as possible for service.

Red lights are full stops.  In some cases, you won’t be able to go anywhere, but if you can, don’t.  Call for help and take your car immediately to a service provider.  These are warnings that mean your car is completely unsafe to drive, either because the warning indicates a thing that will damage the engine or that can cause injury to you, as an occupant.

A Guide to Warning Lights

The Mirage and Mirage G4 are armed with warning lights to keep you in the know about your car’s health and happiness at all times, but it may not always be obvious what they mean.  Below you’ll find a quick illustrated guide.

Convenience and Safety

ECO.  When your car’s in ECO mode, the green ECO mode light will come on.

High Beam HeadlightsHigh Beams.
It isn’t always easy to tell if your high beams are on – that’s why there’s a light for it!


Headlight Warning LightsHeadlight Warning.
The headlight warning light will appear if your LED headlights are malfunctioning.


Keyless Entry Warning LightKeyless Access.
If the keyless access light stays on after the car has been started, the system may be malfunctioning.


Low Fuel Warning LightLow Fuel Light.
This one is a pretty easy one.  If the light’s on, you probably need to find a gas station soon.


Low Washer Fluid Warning LightLow Washer Fluid.
You can drive quite a ways without washer fluid, but why would you want to?


Door Ajar Warning LightDoor Ajar.
If one of your doors (or hatch) isn’t latched properly, this light will come on to let you know.


Seatbelt Warning LightSeat Belts.
You have lights telling you if the driver or passenger seat belts aren’t being worn (or are, but the sensor is failing to detect it).

Driving and Braking

Electronic Power Steering Warning Light

Electric Power Steering.
If you see this light up, get to a mechanic right away.


ABS Warning LightABS.
Your anti-lock brakes are malfunctioning if this light is on, but don’t panic.  Your regular brakes are almost certainly still working, just get to the shop ASAP.


Dynamic Stability Control LightDynamic Control.
The Dynamic Control system provides control to the ABS system.  If the light comes on, drive carefully and get to the mechanic.


Brake System Failure Warning LightBrake System.
A red brake system light is serious stuff.  Pull off the road, shut the car off, and call a tow truck now.


Engine and Tire Safety

High Temp Warning LightCoolant Temperature.
A thermometer on a background of wavy lines is the universal car language for your coolant temperature.  If it’s blue or green, you’re safe to drive because you’re in the zone.  If it’s red, stop the car – you’re overheating.


Low Oil Pressure Warning LightLow Oil Pressure.
Oil is the lifeblood of your car.  Low oil pressure is a disaster waiting to happen, since it generally means you don’t have enough lubricant to keep all the moving parts of your engine in shape.  Check your oil level and make a few calls, or drive straight to the lube shop, if it’s close.

Charging System Warning LightCharging System.
If something goes wrong with your electrical system, you’ll know it because this light will come on.  It’s not a good idea to drive around like this – call someone for help.


Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure.
Your car likely has a tire pressure monitoring system.  If you see the light come on and stay on, you’ve got a tire that’s low on air.  If it flashes, something else is wrong and the system may need service.


Check Engine Warning LightCheck Engine.
This is the scariest and most vague light on any car ever, but if it’s yellow, you should be safe to drive your vehicle to a repair shop.  Just do it quickly before the problem your car detects turns into a much bigger problem through neglect.


If your green or blue lights come on, there’s nothing to stress about, just keep on driving to your destination.  However, if you see a yellow or a red light come on and stay on, or flash well after you’ve started the vehicle, you definitely need to follow up with it.  Bring your car by Lawrence Mitsubishi’s service center for a check to ensure that your car is road-ready and will be safe to drive.

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